Loeffler Randall Spring 2011: Shoes And A Garden Fantasy

Posted: February 3, 2011 by appysweety in Fashion, News
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It’s times like these when we’re happy to live on the west coast, where it doesn’t snow and you can pretty much wear sandals yearround. Loeffler Randall has launched its spring collection: a delightful assortment of sandals and shoes featuring playful prints, coy snakeskin, edgy mesh detailing and mixed metallics.

The shoes subtly scream spring and address key trends, but in a way that makes the shoes timeless—you can wear these shoes this spring, next spring and the spring after that. Our faves are the daringly sexy zebra and mesh sandal, the orange braided Vivian sandal with wooden wedge heel and the orchid Lila flat sandal.

For this collection, they’ve also released an ethereal print and video campaign that reminds you of the secret garden, a fairy gathering or a fantasy tea party. Jamie Isaia shot the ads for them, and you can check them out at LoefflerRandall.com.

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