Megan Fox VS Katy Perry: Who’s Revealing Look Better?

Posted: July 14, 2011 by appysweety in Entertainment, News
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Megan Fox, 24, literally busts out in a very low-cut dress in her new straight to DVD flick Passion Play.

megan fox vs katy perry

While, Katy Perry, 26, didn’t cover up either – she let her boobs hang out for all to see when launching her new perfume Purr in Mexico City on Feb. 5. It must have made it extremely hard for people to focus on anything but her chest!

Megan and Katy aren’t afraid to show off their assets, but are these young stars getting too revealing? And whose look is better?

It seems like these stars are wearing less and less to show off more and more. Is it getting to be way too much?

  1. ads says:

    Hmmm both look abit too slapper like for me (not exactly classy looking are they). Megan fox is too plastic for a start! Collagen abused lips, nose job and botox isnt really my scene. I’ve always preffered the natural beauts like sophia loren, brigdett bardot, ursulla andres, Liv tyler (when she was younger) Megan just doesn’t have that natural beauty look going on and its rather off putting and I cant stand liars for example – megan has denied having surgery…Oh pleeease!! Katy perry on the other hand is alot more natural looking than megan, even tho she’s still rather plastic and caped in lots of makeup!! But i dont think she’s had any surgery, unlike megan! So katy wins hands down. However I have seen prettier women than both of them…women who dont have their breasts on display for the whole word to gawp at. Women who dont need surgery and loooads of makeup to look gorgeous. So katy and megan both loose.

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