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Contributed by Sara

Vanessa Hudgens of HSM Stars in Soft-Core Child Pornography. Err I Mean Candies Ad Campaign.

What is the most disturbing ad campaign you can imagine? I thought I had seen every imaginable bit of sexist crap on the planet, but this has really gotten me riled up:

Vanessa Hudgens

That’s Vanessa Hudgens—the 22-year-old actress best known for her role in High School Musical. Did you notice anything about that photo? Like, for example, she doesn’t look a minute older than she looks in High School Musical? Found that disturbing? Well wait, it gets worse:

Vanessa Hudgens of HSM Stars

Not only does the adult Ms. Hudgens seem to not have a problem using her 17-year-old alter ego to sell soft core child pornography, grown-up sex, shoes, she doesn’t seem to mind presenting a picture of the glamorously shallow-vain-stupid-domestic woman to her adoring 14-year-old fans either:

Child Pornography

The sexy-17 role model for pre-teens, knows that the places she’s in all the time—like the cleaning products isle at the supermarket—are also fashion runways. Which, apparently, is a concept Hudgens’ 15 year-old fans can relate to (?). And not only do those fans apparently regularly buy toilet paper and Windex, they also iron their clothes. All that, while wearing nothing but heels.

HSM Stars in Soft-Core

Milk, purple silk beds, an over-abundance of pink frilly-looking things (amazing how cleaning products fit into this category…), bubble gum. Living in one of the most tolerant cities in Europe, I’m getting used to ad campaigns that are pretty much soft-porn. Even a particular ad for porn on my daily commute, that is a bit more than soft (and yes, is extremely distressing). Yet, nothing, not even the ladies of the Video Inn, comes close to resembling child pornography. This Candies campaign unfortunately really does.

I get it—Ms. Hudgens is a 22-year-old adult. She is allowed to do whatever she wants with her body, and (underage) sex is what’s been selling Candies for a while now. I just wish she’d think twice before putting herself in situations that are clear references to her High School Musical alias. You know, maybe like, consider that marching down the cleaning products isle and ironing in your underpants while looking like the idol of a veritable hoard of 13-year-old girls might be presenting a bad role model. Just maybe.